Mykonos Airport Bus

Upon your arrival to the illustrious island of Mykonos, you will be met with a plethora of choices to travel around and reach your destinations: you could take a taxi to drive you around, something that will quickly prove quite draining for your pocket. You could rent a car to make your own timetable, this, too, however, shall soon prove to be rather taxing for your wallet. Using the public means of transportation is an economically sound option, and Mykonos has a rather well organized bus fare system. Exiting the building, you will soon discover a crucial problem: there is no bus stop within the airport area! Using the bus fare to travel from place to place also poses a series of its own problems, however. Firstly, you need to purchase the right ticket, according to which “zone” your hotel or villa resides in. Secondly, you need to keep tabs on the different routes (which oftentimes will not list your hotel’s neighborhood in their list of stops), knowing which bus to ride. Thirdly, you have to actually wait for the bus to arrive, luggage in hand, whereupon you will board it and finally reach your destination. No imagine having to do this for every place in Mykonos you want to see and enjoy…All of this can be remedied with a simple solution: booking luxury transfers.

Never wait again for your means of transportation

If you have ever booked a luxury transfer for your vacation you know the feeling of total and utter comfort, both literally (being driven within a comfy car) and metaphorically (having ease of mind by knowing that you don’t have to worry about narrow streets and tricky routes). If you haven’t, it is time you found out just what this service has to offer: from the guaranteed speed and luxury with which you will be transported from A to B to the exceptional professionalism of the expert drivers, who will offer pieces of advice and suggestions regarding your stay. So skip the bus and stick to luxury transfers, if you want to elevate your mykonian experience to an 11.