Kalafatis Beach

The raw beauty of Kalafatis Beach

Kalafatis is located about 12 km east of Mykonos Chora, and is considered one of the island’s main attractions. Kalafatis is the only beach of Mykonos surrounded by trees, which grant ideal shades for relaxing siestas and tranquil strolls – however, the mykonian strong winds and zephyrs transform Kalaftis into a paradise for windsurfers, as well. Apart from water sports and sunbathing, you will also encounter exquisite gourmet restaurants and taverns nearby, as well as some of the fanciest and most comfortable villas and hotels in the island.

Abide in total comfort – the hotels and villas of Kalafatis

Hotel La Résidence Mykonos is a 5 star resort within a walking distance from Kalafatis beach, and what a marvel of vernacular architecture it is: from the verdant gardens to its airy interiors, and back to its infinity pools and spas, this is a luxury hotel for those who crave opulence and unparalleled comfort. For something more “down to earth”, try the Kalafatis Traditional House on the namesake beach, a cozy and hospitable complex of rooms that will grant you the perfect cycladic experience. Somewhere between total luxury and a more personalized experience lie Chaniotis Studios, which will offer beautiful lodging in affordable pricings.

Where to eat in Kalafatis – the restaurants and bars

Kalafatis is a haven for those who enjoy good food and gourmet recipes – take for example Aphrodite restaurant, a family food venue that combines traditional dishes with inspired new cooking methods. Try, among other things, eggplant pilaf and onion pie, and cool it off with soumada, a refreshing beverage with almond base. For dessert, of course, you cannot resist the famous Mykonian walnut pie. Another great example is Thalassa restaurant, which will take your breath away with its stunning view. Regarding the nightlife, you can enjoy a most pleasant night at Blue, a confined bar that packs quite a variety in its stock of drinks and cocktails.

Book a luxury transfer to Kalafatis – explore Mykonos

The cycladic wonder of Mykonos is vast and full of bendy streets, sudden dead ends and twirling alleyways. In order to 100% take in the atmosphere and satisfy your perfect summertime vacation, we suggest entrusting your trip to Mykonos luxury transfers, whose hardened team of veteran drivers will escort you from A to B quickly, safely, in luxury and style. Never worry again about the semantics of planning a course – just enjoy Kalafatis and Mykonos.

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