Paradise Beach

Eden revisited in Paradise Beach of Mykonos

You would expect the name “Paradise beach” to be a marketable hyperbole, a title so generously given to denote a place of exotic, otherworldly beauty. When it comes to Paradise Beach of Mykonos, however, the name is justified 100%. Found to the south of Mykonos, 3.8 km away from the airport, Paradise Beach is a fantasy land made manifest: gilded slopes cascade gently into the sapphire expanses of the Aegean, lilac oleander trees offer their rich shades for relaxing strolls, the savory aromas of freshly prepared meals penetrate your senses and people from all over the world join together in an R&R session unlike any other before it.


“Set up base” nearby Paradise Beach – the hotels and villas

Keeping up with the brand name, the Paradise Beach Resort is a luxurious, spectacularly organized villa with classic white-washed exterior and interior designs. If you desire something more personalized, then why not book your stay at Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Resort Hotel, a spacious villa that comes packed to the brim with amenities and comforts of every kind. Finally, for a more affordable choice, shoot with Votsalaki Mykonos Boutique Resort, which opens up into the penciled horizon and the endless Aegean.

Eat and drink at the splendid restaurants and bars of Paradise Beach

Luscious appetizers, yummy cocktails, palatable tastes of every shade and tone await eager enjoyers of the culinary secrets at Paradise. For starters, try Soho Roc House, which exudes bohemian vibes and is 4 km away from Mykonos Airport. Akin to Soho Roc House but a little more baroque in its essence, is the PBH restaurant, which offers nutritious and delicious dishes. If you want to try street food with a gourmet twist, then sample the delicacies of Pinky Beach Mykonos, a handsome restaurant with a jaw dropping view to the sea. Club-wise, you can’t go wrong with Kalua Beach Bar, a down-to-earth music venue with master-crafted cocktails and chill beats to keep the mood high.

Seek paradise with luxury transfers in Paradise

Fast, dependable, and safe, booking a luxury transfer to aid you with touring the island and going from A to B is imperative if you are planning a trip to Mykonos. Aside from the apparent pros of style and comfort, VIP Mykonos transfers offer the advice of experienced drivers who have braved the cobbled slopes of Mykonos many a time – trust them with your transportation and your dream vacations are guaranteed.

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