Platis Gialos Beach

Gold and Sapphire – Experience Platis Gialos

Azure waters, softly “licking” the silver sandbars of high profile beach bars. White-washed sugar-cube houses, glistening under the scorching greek sun. Lush gardens blossoming within town squares bustling with laughter and mirth: Platis Gialos in Mykonos translates to “Wide Beachfront”, a name it truly exemplifies. “Hugging” the great Aegean from the South part of the island, Platis Gialos lies just below the Mykonos airport, warranting a 10 minute drive to reach. “Courted” by Paradise and Paraga beach to its right, Platis Gialos offers the complete package of summertime Greece, condensing everything inside its microcosm of comfort and luxury.

Reside by the sea: The cozy hotels of Platis Gialos

You will encounter Villa Nireas to the north of Platis Gialos, sitting atop a verdant hilltop and overlooking the beach. Packed to the brim with modern amenities and festooned with opulent designs, this is a high profile resort for sure. On the other hand, Argo Hotel is a bit more grounded, offering a more direct seaside view and access to a beach bar. However, we couldn’t mention Platis Gialos without the name Petinos Hotel and Petinos Beach Hotel popping out, as those two resorts flank the beachside and provide guests with a novel island experience.

Sample “ambrosia” at the restaurants and bars of Platis Gialos

Oven-baked bean stew, lemon-tinged cod, breaded calamari rings – the list of local delicacies served at fish taverns and restaurants of Platis Gialos goes on and on. Try the gourmet dishes of Phos Restaurant, a luxury establishment well-known for its service and heart-stopping view, or, sample the Italian and Mediterranean recipes of Yialo Yialo restaurant, famous for its fresh seafood. If you would prefer something less hugh profile, then Avli tou Thodori (Theodor’s Garden) is the perfect place for you, a tavern that is also ideal for vegans and pescatarians. For refreshing cocktails and gastronomical masterstrokes, you can’t go wrong with seaside Notos Bar and the eclectic tastes of Omega3, where luxury and deliciousness coincide.

Book a transfer to tour Platis Gialos

To reach each of these points of interest, and to be able to have total freedom of movement, we recommend booking fast and precise transfer in Mykonos. Not only will you be unburdened by the constant thoughts of “where are we” and “how did we get there”, but the drivers also offer suggestions and pieces of advice for the perfect vacation planning.

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