Fokos: Sun, sea and sand

From Wisteria-clad cobbled streets that circle around sunny town squares to the silver-ribbons of spectacular sandbars, Fokos in Mykonos lies to the northwest of the island, 13.5 km away from the airport. Courted by Mirsini and Merhias beaches to its left and right, Fokos contains illustrious chaples, rocky hilltops, rustic fish taverns and dreamy beach fronts, encircled by natural gardens of prickly thorns and oleander trees. The namesake Fokos Beach is famous for its wild, raw beauty, luring beach goers who crave something alternative and non conforming.

Living in style – book a hotel in verdant Fokos

Fokos beach may be a confined slice of paradise, but that very quality means it is relatively far away from any nearby villas or hotels. The closest resort you can book is Casa Mykonos, a lavishly built villa to the center of the island that commands a breathtaking view. Just opposite, to the eastern side, you will find Roberta’s Suites, a complex of cozy and freshly renovated rooms overlooking the Aegean gulf. Just above, Villa Ester and Villa Joy Mykonos will provide a more luxurious experience for travelers who wish to blend comfort with adventure.

Feast on local cuisine – the restaurants and bars of Fokos

The Fokos taverna is literally the only food venue you will find within the beach’s proximity, and thank goodness it is a quality one. From a wide selection of fish and seafood dishes to deliciously cooked vegetarian recipes, Fokos speaks volumes when it comes to traditional Greek cuisine. We recommend trying pasta with clams and the vinegar marinated octopus, with a side of the famed Mykonian “skordalia”, a dip of mashed garlic, bread and Greek walnuts.

Reach uncharted locations in Fokos – book a luxury transfer

There is no denial that Fokos is relatively secluded and isolated from the rest of the island, residing within the wild side of Mykonos. It would be a waste, however, to not get to discover the rare beauty that Fokos has to offer – and this is where luxury Mykonos transfers come into play. Fast, convenient, precise and without hassle, luxury transfers ensure that you will reach the exotic sandbars of Fokos in a timely fashion and be back to your hotel (or villa) for lunchtime. Apart from being professional drivers, the expert team of luxury transfer offer suggestions and pieces of advice to further enhance and personalize your experience in Fokos and Mykonos.

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