Choulakia Beach

Choulakia: A rainbow mosaic of opportunities

In the northern part of the island, just 4 km away from the Chora of Mykonos, lies Choulakia, a beachfront that features hefty, perfectly rounded prehistoric pebbles. This mosaic of vibrant stones and rocks is unique to Mykonos and does not exist anywhere else in the world, with “houlakia” being the local name for the rainbow-like pebbles. This beautiful beach is not the only attraction within the area, of course, as within 2.5 km you will encounter Agios Stefanos beach, a silver sandbar resplendent with luxurious beach bars and chic cafes, surrounded by the raw elegance of Mykonos’ nature. On the other hand, if your “shopping sense” is tingling, then Mykonos Chora lies just 5.3 km away, and it is here that you can enjoy local delicacies and browse for fashionable clothes.


Rest within the best hotels of Choulakia

To experience Choulakia at their fullest you need a resort to satisfy the feeling of adventure, without sacrificing modern amenities. The Chic and Simple House is just what the name purports to be, exemplifying comfortable simplicity at its best, while still retaining a modern resort’s character. On the other silver-gloved hand, you will find Mykonos Villa Euterpe, a tremendous mansion packed to the brim with comforts and amenities. Finally, following the coastal line, you will encounter Baba Houlakia, a hotel that combines the spacious rooms of a contemporary resort with the rustic cuteness of a local cafe.

Choulakia: Sample local delicacies at bars and restaurants

Try the ReeZA restaurant at Agios Stefanos for local dishes full of character and splendor, or dip your feet in traditional marine recipes at Taverna Limnios, where every delicacy is harvested right from within the Aegean’s clear waters. For a relaxing drink, pick Galleraki Bar and its abundant stock of cocktails, or Blu Blu Cafe Mykonos, which blends scenery and exquisite appetizers seamlessly.

White sands beach and clouds horizon blue sky

Book a luxury transfer to exotic Choulakia

To fully take in the captivating locations of captivating Choulakia, from the rainbow-tinged pebbles of its beaches to the dozens of local cafes and taverns, you will need precise and “to the point” luxury Mykonos transfers. By relinquishing your control over the “getting from A to B” part to a hardened group of professionals, not only do you save money on public transport and taxis, but you also gain something invaluable in return: time to explore and experience mythical Mykonos.

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