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The island of turquoise waters and crystalline shallows, Mykonos celebrates the majesty of marine beauty in all its glory, from the sandy beaches where lie cosmopolitan beach bars, to the wild hilltops that fade into the eternal Aegean.

Getting to know Mykonos – truly, know her – entails getting to unveil the mysteries and hidden gems of her oceanic side, something you can only achieve with a yacht and/or a jet. Luxury transfers offers exclusive yacht and jet services for your vacation time in Mykonos, making sure that you get to enjoy 100% of the island.

Whether you would like an extensive and thorough sea tour of the island, complete with sporadic “dips” into the ocean and plentiful information regarding the island itself, or, a laid back and relaxed “me time” upon an opulent yacht, it is up to you, as you get to hand tailor the experience.

See Mykonos as you have never seen her before

Glimpse Mykonos as you have never glimpsed her before, nestled within the azure expanse of the Aegean, a cycladic crown jewel sparkling brightest.

Luxury transfers offer you the chance to uncover what lies beyond the horizon, as the yacht and jet services tie in with the transport services for a complete package.

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