Kalo Livadi Beach

The ever verdant Kalo Livadi of Mykonos

To the South-east of the exotic island, within a 17 minute drive from the airport, lies Kalo Livadi Beach, a title literally translated to “Good Meadow”. Enclosed inside a breathtaking gulf full of lush prickly thorns and oleander trees, Kalo Livadi Beach is one of Mykonos’ hidden gems, lending its tumultuous waters for extreme water sports and its endless soft sandbars for relaxation sessions atop comfy sunbeds. Home to rustic coffee shops and elegant beach bars, gourmet restaurants and cute local shops, there is no surprise that Kalo Livadi is amongst the most popular beaches of the island, loved for the confined sanctuary and tranquility that it provides.

Book your hotel in Kalo Livadi

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your stay in Kalo Livadi Beach, and that makes the need for comfortable accommodation imperative. If you crave something classical yet modernly equipped, try Villa Ilaira Mykonos, a stark-white cycladic wonder that comes with an infinity pool and extensive garden space. For a richer experience, we suggest Aegon Mykonos, Autograph Collection, a resort that is dedicated to a marine/water vibe and aesthetic, featuring one of the island’s largest infinity pools. Finally, “Mykonian Phoenix suites near the sea” are the definitive economic choice, sacrificing no luxury for their competitive pricing.

The restaurants and bars of Kalo Livadi

Lohan Beach House Mykonos is a renowned restaurant just at the end of Kalo Livadi Beach, exemplifying the spirit of a Greek food venue in its truest essence: from the elegant pieces of white furniture that clash harmoniously with the cyan tones of the sea and sky to its extensive menu of unique and traditional recipes. Concerning your nighttime entertainment, cross the natural gulf to the east, where you will locate Salty Houses Pool Bar & Restaurant, a place drenched in dark, exotic vibes and oozing with character.

Experience Kalo Livadi through luxury transfers

To avoid being stuck in traffic, getting lost within one of the infamous mykonian back alleys, missing your restaurant reservations because you took a wrong turn, you need to come prepared. Now, all this preparation and planning can be delegated to one trusty service: VIP transfers in Mykonos, the easy and fast way to experience Kalo Livadi and Mykonos in all of their potential. Helmed by a dedicated team of professional drivers, luxury transfers offer a polished method to enjoy your hard earned vacations.

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