Get to Know Ano Mera with luxury

Ano Mera of Mykonos “hits different”: situated within the heart of the island, atop a plateau 8.5 km away from Chora, Ano Mera is a quiet sanctuary, drenched in a tranquil atmosphere of solemn serenity. Featuring iconic chaples such as the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani and Agios Fanourios, this hillside settlement lends itself for calm excursions and nature watching. This is not to say that you won’t find local fish taverns and chic bars here, however, as Ano Mera combines pastoral and modern with tremendous ease.

Find your ideal hotel in Ano Mera

To fully capitulate on this self-searching journey within mountainous Ano Mera, we recommend an equally spiritual residence for your accommodations: Arokaria Studios offer just that, putting the “fort” in “comfort”. If the great azure expanse of the Aegean still beckons to you, then try staying at the luxurious Anatolia Hotel, which lies closer to the sea and features a jaw-dropping infinity pool. For something a little more friendly for your pocket, we recommend Mykonian Breeze, a cozy complex of rooms that will elevate your pastoral experience.

Sample traditional Greek cuisine at the restaurants of Ano Mera

If your taste buds crave something vehemently traditional, then have to sample the fish dishes of Fisherman Giorgos and Marina’s tavern, a rustic restaurant situated in Ano Mera’s central square. For something more gourmet, try the nearby Vardaris, where you can wash down deliciously prepared seafood extravaganzas with local wines and beers. Then again, for something quick but equally scrumptious, order something from Paprika, whose street food cred is legendary among the islanders. At night, visit Wild Cafe Bar for a refreshing beverage, or try the boisterous Odos Araxame (“We are Chilling avenue”), a place specifically made to host groups of friends.

Book a luxury transfer to Ano Mera

All of these locales, all of these points of interests and destinations that beckon to you require planning, driving around and excellent time management. What if all of these were taken out of your hands and given to the trusted services of professional drivers, who can transport you safely and without hussle from A to B in fashion and comfort? That’s right, booking a luxury transfer to tour Mykonos has become an increasingly popular activity, and to no surprise, as enjoying every second of Ano Mera’s illustrious locations is paramount for the perfect Greek island vacation.

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