Hear the beating heart οf Mykonos in Chora

Let your gaze meander through stark white serpentine streets, clad in purple explosions of wisteria flowers. Allow your mind to follow, into the atmosphere of a fresh summer afternoon, where seagulls whistle their calling, children laugh under shaded pergolas, fishermen cross the vast expanses of the Aegean and people from all around the world come together to witness a perfect seasonal miracle: summer time Greece.

Just 3 km away from the airport, the mykonian Chora is the hub of Greece’s most cosmopolitan island: from renovated villas to preserved ancient ruins, from cozy coffee shops to street food vendors and back to luxurious shops, it is truly a mish mash of modern and classical.

Take in the Mediterranean breeze in Mykonos Chora

Living large is not wishful thinking when it comes to Mykonos, it is a standard. Amongst so many luxurious abodes that decorate the Chora, few come close to the spine-tingling view that Pnoe Seafront Residence-Villa has to offer. White-washed balconies open up directly to the sapphire blue of the Aegean, elevating even the most trivial activities into majestic undertakings.

For something a little more conventional, albeit still utterly luxurious in every way, try Hotel Alkyon to the center of Chora, a resort well-known amongst tourists for the excellent service and knowledgeable concierge staff it offers. Finally, for a modern pinnacle of an accommodation we recommend Eternal Suites, which feature cutting-edge appliances and amenities within an artful, vernacular exterior.

Taste what Chora of Mykonos has to offer

As expected, the center of Mykonos has an abundance of choices when it comes to restaurants, bars and clubs. El Burro Mykonos is your destination for midday snacks and brunch, the Black Bull Burger House is your to-go place for deliciously crafted burgers, Oregano Cook & Grill your “provider” of everything BBQ and The Taste Diaries your seafood and fish spot.

Regarding your nightly escapades, we suggest sampling the cold cocktails of Negrita Bar on the waterfront, downing a few rainbow shots at the dockside Jackie O’ Bar and finishing up with mind-bendingly scrumptious homemade ice cream at the aptly named I SCREAM.

Chora is where Mykonos begins – book a luxury transfer

Chora is truly a gateway to the veiled mysteries of Mykonos, extending an invitation for something utterly magical. Luxury transfers are undeniably the means to a most wonderful end in your journey, providing fast and safe transportation anywhere you desire.

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