Psarou Beach

Find quintessential tranquility in Psarou

Psarou village lies to the south-west part of the island, just 3.4 km away from the airport, and is regarded as one of the most picturesque Greek locations worldwide. With white-washed rooftops glistening underneath crimson sunsets, labyrinthine streets coiling around orthodox churchyards, hidden squares packed with chairs and bustling with the merriment of life, fairytale-like fish taverns serving local delicacies and golden sandbars reflecting Greece’s most valuable gift, you won’t be able to regain your composure. If you crave to sample the famous Mykonos nightlife, however, then don’t be disappointed, as you will find plenty of bars and clubs surrounding Psarou. At the center of it all, lies Psarou Beach, the creme de la creme of Mykonian beachfronts.

Luxury, style and comfort: choose your accommodation in Psarou Beach

Kenshō Psarou is a 5 star hotel stationed upon Psarou beach, featuring infinity pools, Spas and just about any modern amenities you could conjure up with your imagination. For something less flash, we suggest Psarou Beach Hotel to the north, a relaxing lounge hotel that offers competitive prices and a zen, chill vibe. If you crave a more unique living experience, however, then seek Nissaki Boutique Hotel, an elegantly built personalized hotel just 1 km away from Psarou Beach.

The Bars and Restaurants of Psarou Beach

Nothing suggests more style and spaciousness than Be CooL Cavo Psarou, a modern restaurant set on Psarou Beach that offers some of Mykonos’ most delicious appetizers. For your nightly escapades, we recommend Delos Lounges & Bar, a high profile bar renowned for its bombastic cocktails and rich in flavor drinks – just picture yourself sipping a martini while taking in the majestic grandeur of the blue Aegean, all the while pondering how will your next day unfold – but you have to ponder no longer, because luxury transfers are the service for you.

Travel in luxury – book a transfer to discover Mykonos

Being the centerpiece of comfortable confinement and sunny isolation, Psarou is, nonetheless, a part animal’s true “mecca”, if they know where to look. From golden beach sides to picturesque restaurants and stocked-up shops, Psarou is the most cosmopolitan neighborhood within the most cosmopolitan island of Greece. To reach those points of interest, however, you will require a safe and fast transport – enter luxury transfers. With a team of expert drivers who know the island’s ins and outs, luxury Mykonos transfers guarantee the best transportation services in Mykonos.

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