Scorpios Beach

Let Scorpios beach take your cares away

Not even 4 km away from the Mykonos Airport, to the Southwest side of the island, you will find Scorpios Beach, a confined paradise resting between lush parks and clifftops clad in violet oleander blossoms. Scorpios beach operates inside its own little slice of land within Mykonos, giving the impression of entering a microcosm of luxury and natural beauty. As is the case with each of Mykonos’ famous beaches, Scorpios is encircled by elegant pastry shops, mesmerizingly opulent restaurants and high profile bars, blending senses and experiences into a singular essence.

Live in paradise – book a hotel or villa in Scorpios

There are plenty of resorts to accommodate your stay at Scorpios, from the ideal for adventurers Zephyros hotel at the center of the neighborhood, to the Maganos Apartments, which offer comfort for affordable prices. For those who crave a little less subtlety and a little more luxury, Paradise Two Villa offers the classic Mykonos experience of retreating to your own personal palace of opulence. Finally, near the port you will encounter Paraga Estate, a dazzling manor of a resort that comes packed with infinity pool and all modern amenities befitting of such an establishment.

Eat your heart out at Scorpios’ restaurants and taverns

Explore the culinary delights that Scorpios has to offer starting at SantAnna Mykonos, a classically renovated restaurant that specializes in pasta and sushi, offering view to the sea and live music. Continue your tour through the mouthwatering Greek cuisine with Nikolas tavern, a traditional fooderie renowned for its fresh seafood. Do not miss out Pinky Beach Mykonos, a beach bar that also serves jaw droppingly nutritious appetizers, fueling your appetite for the next courses. Last, but most certainly not least, you have to visit the namesake Scorpios restaurant, a luxurious and high profile establishment that spoils every sense you possess with its recipes and delightful service.

Explore Scorpios through luxury transfers

Your vacation days are the precious, hard earned days that “shatter” the unrelenting passage of time through monotonous repetition…as such, they are to be cherished and utilized 100%, something that can only be achieved if you book luxury transfers in Mykonos to transport you from A to B in style and comfort. Employing a veteran team of professional drivers, luxury transfers are the ideal way to make sure that not a single second of your precious vacation goes to waste.

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