Transfer Routes

The beautiful island of Mykonos is home to dozens of legendary locations and points of interest: from the azure waters that “lick” the beaches of Ormos to the verdant gardens of Agios Stefanos, and from the cobbled streets of “Little Venice” to the eternal sapphire of Super Paradise beach. The island itself possesses a quite straightforward road network, providing easy access to all hotspots and hotels/villas. Surely enough, Mykonos gathers a great deal of tourists who “pilgrimage” to her scenic beachfronts, the picturesque windmills, the vernacular grandeur of sugar-cube houses and the melted sunsets, which means that especially during summers, the island is packed full.

To reach the island, you can either book a flight from Athens to the Mykonos International Airport, or take a ferry. The Connecting port routes to Mykonos will transport you to the islands of Paros, Tinos, Andros, Santorini and Ios, as well as to the mainland ports of Heraklion and Rafina (and of course vice versa). Arriving at the Mykonos New Port, you will soon find yourself at the center of the cosmopolitan island, from where you can take a bus, taxi, or arrange a luxury transfer to take you to your chosen destination.