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Your trip to Mykonos is more than a simple extension of your island hopping escapades, it is the culmination of a long journey, a pilgrimage to Greece’s most iconic cosmopolitan island! As such, reaching your booked hotel right after your arrival to the New Port of Mykonos is a task easier said than done.

From the oftentimes confusing signal posts, the sparse bus itineraries and the extremely overpriced taxi prices, you are left with one solid choice: luxury transfers. See it this way: planning a trip in advance requires purchasing the tickets for every means of transportation, booking your accommodation, planning out your daily schedule and overall organizing all of the “in between” tasks so that you can fully and 100% enjoy the destinations.

Because famous literature Nobel prize winner Konstantinos Kavafis may have famously written that “it’s not the destination so much as the journey”, but he never tried traversing the serpentine alleyways of Mykonos amdist a rush hour a la post pandemic 2022.

Reach your hotel in no time with luxury transfers

Whether it is the crystal-clear beaches of Panormos, the wild coastline of Agios Stefanos, the exotic sandbars of Scorpios or any other jaw-dropping place in Mykonos that your hotel or villa resides in, luxury transfers will take you there.

Professional drivers will have pre-planned the ideal route to take you to your accommodation, offering advice and answering any questions you may pose concerning the island’s hotspots and points of interest. Safe, fast and precise, luxury port transfers means that you won’t have to worry about the “hows” and “ifs”, and rather focus on the “whats”, as in “what has Mykonos to offer”.

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