R&R in exotic Elia of Mykonos

Staying at Elia of Mykonos is like entering a fairytale land and forgetting the entry point: glass-like waves crash against brass beaches, filled with opulent beach bars. Local restaurants and taverns mesmerize your senses with eclectic aromas, secluded streets “explode” with mirth and merriment at nightime, when youthful life brims and sways to the melodic rhythm of music. Water sports enthusiasts, enjoyers of clear waters, scuba divers and pretty much anyone who loves high-quality resorts will adore Elia, which features classic Greek island lushness, silver “ribbons” of sand full of comfy sunbeds and ample amounts of luxurious cocktails. Apart from nearby beaches, however, you will soon discover that local restaurants, street food vendors, alternative coffee shops and all kinds of bars and clubs encircle the villa, beckoning for new adventurers.

Live in style – book a hotel in Elia

Atop the literal slope of Elia beach, you will find the Elia Mykonos Resort, a cycladic manor that features infinity pools, sunny pergolas, jacuzzis and just about any amenity you could dream of. Just above, not even a 10 minute walk, lies Panoptis Escape Mykonos, an equally luxurious and chic resort that will stump your senses and delight your mind. If you crave for something less flashy however, then try the Ethereal Apartments to the West, which will grant you the one-of-a-kind experience of living in Elia of Mykonos like a true islander.

The bars and restaurants of Elia

Restaurant Elia beach lies within the namesake beach, commanding a view over the golden sandbar and its azure sutor. Here you will sample a vast variety of fish dishes, from pan-fried salmon with watercress sauce to cod with tomato and chorizo sauce, and from roast haddock with chorizo crust, asparagus and peppers to creamy salmon, leek and potato traybake, nothing is short of amazing. For something more akin to street food, we suggest trying something from Capelayo Food Senses, a food venue that specializes in healthy brunches.

Book a luxury transfer to tour Elia

Local fish taverns, illustrious beach bars, feverish “party meccas”, natural sanctuaries, crystal-clear waters – Elia of Mykonos is a territory filled with possibility and wonder. To fully discover every secret beauty it has to offer, you will require the expert help of a VIP transfer, which will carry you from destination to destination with ease and comfort – booking in advance will achieve just that, ensuring that you will have an ideal vacation.

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