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The central town of Mykonos, the island’s Chora, is a hub resplendent with shops of all kinds, restaurants and taverns, bars and clubs, hotels, villas and natural vistas that will take your breath away. However, being the capital of such a busy cosmopolitan island, means that traversing its streets and avenues can be quite a hassle, taxing your precious vacation time with road rage, dead ends, and potentially lost reservations.

Upon your return, rearching the Mykonos Airport will take no more than 8 minutes, as the 4 km distance can be traversed through the Mykonos Avenue – however, taking buses or taxis is ill advised, as the irregular itineraries and overpriced services will only leave you with a bad taste for your return voyage. Hitchhiking is also out of the question – Mykonos may have a heavy “alternative vibe” to it, however, our post-pandemic era puts a stop to such means of transportation. So, you have only one option left: luxury transfers.

Book a luxury transfer to lay your mind at ease

Enter luxury transfers, a fast and easy way to commute from A to B with style and comfort. Trusting yourselves at the hands of a veteran team of expert drivers who know the island by heart, you will ensure that you will exit Mykonos keeping only the best experiences embalmed in eternal memory.

Arranging a luxury transfer to transport you from Mykonos town to the airport means that you won’t have to worry about bus tickets, finding available seats or even missing your flight back home! By simply calling our services and picking the package of your choice, you will have a personal transfer back to the airport in no time, closing the curtains on a vacation that should be unrelinquishable.

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