Mykonos Airport Transfers

Mykonos’ main airport is your first experience with the island, and it puts you right into the correct mood with its eloquent design and luxurious interior, offering a preliminary taste of what will follow. It is crucial to know that there is no bus stop at the airport, which renders the ability to commute to your chosen accommodation impossible. Taking a taxi is your second option, one that proves to be inconsistent with its pricing and service.

Then there is renting a car, which may suit certain travelers who like to roam all over the island all of the time, but will prove to be quite draining for your pocket. That leaves you with the ideal choice of booking a VIP luxury transfer for your experience in Mykonos. An expert team of veteran drivers and chauffeurs will be more than happy to “ferry” you across the illustrious mykonian expanse, offering pieces of advice and suggesting the best places to see and local delicacies to sample.

Transfer from Mykonos Airport

Transfer to Mykonos Airport