Rent a car at Mykonos Airport

You are approaching Mykonos, your chosen island for the much awaited summer vacations (following a tough post-pandemic year). You reach the main airport, which lies to the center of the island, when you realize the variety of means you have at your disposal to first reach your hotel or villa and then traverse the island: you could take a taxi, but you know that their services vary a great deal from one another, and that they are usually overcosted. Then there is the good ol’ reliable public transportation, although there are like four layers of pre-preparation you had to already commit to before even thinking of using the bus (from purchasing the right ticket to knowing the Greek name of your accommodation’s neighborhood). Maybe rent a car? If you plan on traveling a lot through the island, then sure, although, this still requires knowledge of the island’s maps and streets and can also prove to be exorbitant for your wallet. Calculating all of the options, it is easily deductible what you should do: book a luxury transfer of course!

Experience Mykonos as intended

Mykonos is a slice of paradise, there is no denying it. However, even in such a paradisiacal place there are narrow streets, dead ends, serpentine alleyways and labyrinthine avenues. Instead of gambling with a rented car (which will cost even more with the recent jump in petroleum prices), why not gift yourself the experience of cherishing Mykonos road rage free? The professional team of expert drivers will ensure that you reach your designated destination in a timely fashion and in total luxury, offering in the meantime their valuable opinion about where to eat or what sight to seek next. In the end, it all boils down to the quality you want to add to your hard-fought vacation in legendary Mykonos…