Mykonos Airport Taxi

The international airport of Mykonos is the modern architectural marvel that greets you upon your landing in the island of legends. From there begins your journey to the inland, forking and branching to a multitude of avenues and highways that will take you to paradisiacal beachfronts, evergreen parks, luxurious villas overlooking the Aegean and “decadent” clubs, where the alcohol never runs dry and the music keeps on playing. To reach these points of interest, however, you will require to use a means of transportation, such as taking the bus or a taxi. Just beside the building lies the island’s main taxi stand, where dozens of eager drivers await to take you to your designated destination. There is a caveat, however: taxis in Greece, especially those in islands, have infamously overpriced services and oftentimes exhibit quite a negative behavior towards tourists – this is why we recommend skipping the potentially unpleasant experience of being greeted to Mykonos with disdain or greedy demeanor, and booking a luxury transfer instead.

Skip the taxi, book your ideal transportation

Sure enough, it requires no planning or organizing for your part to simply jump into a taxi and get to your destination. However, it will prove rather taxing for your pocket, especially if you retain this habit throughout your trip. Opposite of this, is booking a luxury transfer prior to your arrival to Mykonos, ensuring thusly that an expert driver shall await you and your luggage right outside the airport, ready to transport you safely and fast to your chosen hotel or villa. What’s more, by booking a luxury transfer you can expand and plan your journey ahead, guaranteeing that a professional driver will take you from your chosen residence to wherever you desire, with zero hassle and zero pressure to keep tabs on bus itineraries.