Touring Mykonos with a taxi can prove to be a costly alternative to bus fare or renting a car, as the service is known to be inconsistent with its pricing and behavior towards the customer. There are about 34 taxis in Mykonos, which you can find scattered throughout all the main attractions or the taxi stops. Taxis in Mykonos use a taximeter to calculate most routes in the city. However, if you are arriving from the port or the airport, you can pay according to the preset rates.The taximeter to calculate your price is based on the distance traveled, and there are two different prices: price set 1, from 05:00 to 24:00 and price set 2 from 24:00 to 05:00. Instead of subjecting yourself to this hassle, you could book a VIP transfer with a personal driver and chauffeur to carry you around Mykonos, saving you money in the process and offering a far better overall experience. Travel in luxury and style by planning ahead and booking a luxury transfer to see the real Mykonos.